Who we are

Who we are

Who we are



We are a real estate company based in Cadaval, nearby the Europe roundabout.

We are at your disposal since 2006, to serve you and provide the services with standards of seriousness and rigor.

We provide mediation services with more focus in the Western Region, and since January 2017 we have integrated an office in Torres Vedras, at Rua Maria Barreto Bastos, nº12, R/C, Dto. , 2560-349 Torres Vedras.

We extend our activities regarding real estate in other areas such as: appraisal of real estate (for sharing, judicial, tax and mortgage processes), energy certification, mediation of works and supervision of the same, purchase and sale of real estate for resale and decoration of interiors.

With extensive experience in the real estate sector, we hope to be able to give our client a wide range of solutions, taking into account what is their need and expectation.


We wait for you!